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The Helpdesk

You can log a new ticket or view your existing tickets at the Helpdesk at any time. It's there to help track all requests and ensure responses to your questions happen quickly. I check it all the time and every time a new request is submitted I receive an email notification in my personal inbox.

When creating a new ticket please include as much information about the problem as possible to receive a solution to your problem quicker. Thanks!

User Community / Support Forums

There is a wealth of information available at the User Forums where you can read questions other customers have posted. Please feel free to post your own questions after first checking if your question has already been answered.

Contact Sean Kelly

If you would like to contact me (Sean Kelly) directly you can easily do so by sending me a note at If you have a question or problem in relation to Pdf Printer please use the Helpdesk or User Forums instead.


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